Who we are

The company was started as a need to get away from being at a 9-5 job and doing the same thing every day. The rut of crunching numbers and financial analysis was getting to me. That is when a couple of my geeky friends and I decided to start up our own business. We knew there were opportunities galore if we looked in the right places and that’s when we began. Now, we not only have a blog that has over hundreds and thousands of blog posts which will help you set up your affiliate marketing business online. Not only do we have the blog to boast of but we now we also have a community of people, those that are seriously interested in taking this forward. So, we also provide a premium course which promises to equip you with the best knowledge.

In our endeavor to make our website and the business the best, we have learned through experience and travel about the things that tick and those that do not.

  • With our community growing constantly, our content, blueprints, and information continue to grow.
  • We have been featured in the best magazines (print and online), columns and newspapers including Forbes, Huffington Post to name just a few. We have received rave reviews for our work as young entrepreneurs helping others to set up their own online businesses.
  • We have been rated constantly as one of the best as far as providing information relating to niche and affiliate marketing is concerned.
  • We do our best to filter out the genuine and innovative business niche’s or creative ideas you can invest in.
  • If you are a newbie and plan to set up your blog, you will find everything you need to start work on it and make it functional.